In Loving Memory Of Annie


I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has offered their love, support and prayers to my family as we have dealt with the horrible loss of dear sweet Annie. Your words helped me stay strong for my cousin and helped me cope with a very difficult time in my life. I am overwhelmed by the number of people with such big hearts across the web. A few of my dear friends even set up a fund for the family for anyone who would like to help out, because as I am sure you understand, a funeral for a baby is not exactly something you have worked into your budget.

Lots of people have been asking questions about how we are doing and what happened so here is a bit of information I would like to share with everyone.

Annie was my cousin Tina’s baby. Our family is a very tight knit one and we are always together everywhere we go everything we do. As my hubby says “everything is a family affair in this family isn’t it?” it is and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Tina is the sister I never had, we have been through so much together and have always been there for each other, good and bad times.

As most of you know my oldest child is a girl, there have been 8 children born into our family since my daughter and they are all boys. Just when we all thought everyone was done having kids my cousin found out she was pregnant again. So of course Tina’s pregnancy spread through the family with excitement and hope for that little girl no one else had been blessed with since I had my daughter 12 years ago. Just as I did 12 years ago with my daughter, I willed Tina’s baby to be a girl and so did everyone else, it just wasn’t going to be any other way. I was with Tina the day she found out Annie was a girl we cried together with excitement! Within a few days the pink was up everywhere, a beautiful nursery was put together complete with her own canopy crib.

Annie made her debut in this world 8 weeks early on Father’s Day, June 21st. Her birth saved her mother’s life. My cousin had not been feeling well and went to the hospital, they put her on monitors and began trying to figure out what may be wrong. After several hours of monitoring, Annie began to show signs of distress so an emergency C-Section was done. Tina’s appendix had ruptured and she was in really bad shape, had the section not been done it could have turned out really bad for both of them.

Despite being born 8 weeks early, Annie was a whopping 4 lbs 11 oz and in very good health. After a few weeks she was able to come home to her beautiful pink room into the loving arms of her parents and 2 brothers. She was fine, she was eating constantly, she was growing quickly, she was already 11 pounds. Last Saturday she was a bit cranky and spiked a fever so Tina took her to the hospital. I am not going to rehash the details here for everyone to see, I will tell you that a series of events unfolded that stemmed from a serious infection no one could have seen coming and that is how we lost sweet Annie one week ago today.

I will also tell you that this is not the first tragedy involving a child my cousin has had to endure. 3 years ago her now 9 year old son was involved in a horrible freak accident that resulted in him having 3rd degree burns on most of his body. He still has complications from the accident one of which is breathing problems. As I write this post, he is having surgery to help him breathe better. He is in the same hospital on his way to recover in the same PICU where we all sat in vigil with Annie.

All of this only leads me to one question, WHY???? How much can one mother take? What reason could there be for Annie to be given to our family after waiting for so many years for a girl only to be taken away so soon? I have always believed God has a plan for each and every one of us that we may not know, but I am having a very hard time understanding what His plan for Annie is.

Everyone is doing as well as can be expected at this point, there is a long tough road ahead for everyone, so please keep my cousin and her family in your prayers in the coming weeks.

Thank you all again from the deepest depths of my heart.

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