Easy Dresden Plate Fabric Trivet Tutorial

Easy Dresden Plate Fabric Trivet Tutorial

This post is sponsored by Nancy’s Notions.  All opinions are my own.


I’ve been sewing for longer than I can remember, it’s something I have always enjoyed.  Up until 5 years ago I hadn’t been doing much sewing, I volunteered to help with our high school musical’s costumes and I remembered all the things I had loved about sewing.

Blogging about sewing and sharing my love for the craft has always been on my to do list that has never gotten done, so I was really excited when I went to the SNAP conference and met the lovely ladies from Nancy’s Notions and they offered me this opportunity to do what I love.  I have so much I want to share and hope this is the beginning of many sewing tutorials to come!

When sewing I tend to stay in my comfort zone.  I’ve looked at Dresden Plate designs in the past and thought they were beautiful, but thought they were not something I could accomplish without frustration. Even though I have been sewing for years I don’t have much confidence when trying new things. What I love about the Dimensional Kaleidoscope Dresden Template kit Nancy’s Notions sent to me is that it makes it super easy to step out of your comfort zone.  The kit includes a full color step by step book and a sturdy acrylic cutting template.


I’ve been thinking I wanted to make some fabric trivets for a while now because I serve a lot of meals right out of the pots I cook them in and don’t want to put the pots directly on the table. I usually use a dishtowel, but wouldn’t a Dresden Plate trivet be much prettier?  This project is quick and easy and I hope you enjoy it!


  • Sewing with Nancy Dimensional Kaleidoscope Dresden Template
  • Various cotton fabrics of your choice, this is a great project for scraps or fat quarters.
  • Coordinating felt for backing.
  • Insul-Bright lining – this is the heat resistant layer needed to protect your counter or table.

Dresden Plates use 12 wedges to complete the circle, how much fabric, backing and Insul-Bright you will need will depend on your desired finished size. I used approximately 1/2 yard of each fabric to complete my 2 trivets.


The first step is cut your fabric into a strip the width that you would like the wedges to be. This is best done using a rotary cutter and straight edge cutting ruler.  For the larger plate I choose 9 in for the outside wedges and 6 in for the inside wedges. For the smaller plate the outside wedges are 6 in and the inside wedges are 4 in.


Next you will take your strip and use the Dresden template to cut your wedges.  All you have to do is line up the skinny end on one edge of the fabric and then the other edge should line up with the line for the size wedge you are making. To save fabric and time, flip the template after each cut as shown below.  Cut the desired number of wedges from each fabric, remember each circle requires 12 wedges. If you are layering make sure you cut the correct number for the inside layer as well.


The next step is to prepare the edges.I decided I wanted my outer wedges to have rounded edges and my inner wedges to have points. The template makes is easy to round off your edges using the yellow lines.  Begin by looking for the yellow line that represents your wedge length, follow it down to the point and line it up with the bottom edge of your wedge. Then using your rotary cutter, cut along the rounded edge of the template.


For the pointed wedges, fold the fabric in half, sew 1/4 in seam on the long edge, then turn out the seam and press out your point. It’s also a good idea to iron your piece flat so the pieces go together better in the next step.

Now that you have your outside wedges and wedges petals, it’s time to make the layers and sew them together. Start by placing one of your inside wedges on top of your outside wedges right sides up.  Next place another inside wedge right side down on top of the first one, then top off with another outside wedge right side down. Make sure you line up the bottom edges as you go. Clip or pin pieces together.


Now it’s time to sew! Starting at the rounded edge, sew 1/4 in seam down 1 side of each wedge bundle. Open and press each piece once sewn. Now you should have 6 sections. Continue sewing sections together making sure you line up edges until you have formed a complete circle.  Press open all seams.


Next take your completed plate and sew the edge of the inside layer 1/4 from the edge all the way around.

finish edge

Lay out a piece of felt on top of a piece of Insul-Bright and top with your fabric layer. Trace around the outside edge.  Remove the fabric layer, pin the felt to the thermo and cut along the outline you drew.  Once your pieces are cut, layer again with felt on bottom, Insul-Bright in middle and fabric on top. Clip or pin layers together.

finish layer

Starting in the middle sew from center to outside edge along each seam line. If you want to see the stitching, sew slightly left or right of the seam. If you want to hide the stitching sew directly on the seam


Now sew around the outside of your plate 1/2 in from the edge.


Trim any Insul-Bright or felt that may be sticking out from the edge of your fabric.

Finally, you need to finish the center of your plate. The book that comes with this kit outlines several options for this, I decided to go with a yo-yo


The creative possibilities are endless with this kit! Using the examples in the instruction book, you can incorporate many layers and different wedge edge finishes to create lots of fun designs.

If you liked this tutorial I’d love a pin!

If you want to try this yourself, the Dimensional Kaleidoscope Dresden Template kit is only $9.99 now through July 31st at Nancy’s Notions

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